What is Medieval Tales?

In his youth a man should use without laziness or delay, his prowess, his valor, and the vigor of his body for the honor and profit of himself and his dependents; for he who passes his youth without exploit may have cause for great shame and grief. The young nobleman, knight, or man-at-arms should work to acquire honor, to be renowned for valor, and to have temporal possessions, riches, and heritages on which he can live honorably…

-Philip De Novare, Les Quatre Ages de L’Homme

The Crusader

Medieval Tales is a role playing game set in a feudal age, inspired from both the history and literature of our own Middle Ages (including such classics as Beowulf, Le Morte d’Arthur, The Nibelungenlied, The Song of Roland, and The Canterbury Tales), as well as later stories. The game is used to create a feudal chronicle set in a fantasy world of your own design, or to run a historical chronicle in a world very similar to our own during the Middle Ages (including elements of fantasy, myth and legend, if you desire).

At the heart of Medieval Tales lies the Tale-Weaver System. With a unique life path system that allows lifelike, well thought out characters, you will create the history of your character based upon the Tales told of his life thus far. You will choose the tale of your character’s birth, youth, and early adulthood. With over 30 Tales to choose from, and guidelines on how to design new ones, characters can be created with ease and distinction quickly. As the chronicle advances and your character increases in experience and renown, new stories will be told of your character’s exploits and adventures, and add yet another tale to your character’s history.

Here are some of the features of Medieval Tales…

The Forester

Medieval Tales is set to release in the Summer of 2012, in both PDF and book format. Stay tuned to www.medievaltales.net for more information about the game as we get closer to the release date.

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Artwork created by Miguel Santos